1. Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire rents to the Hirer the Trailer on the terms and conditions stated
2. The Hirer agrees with Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire:
2.1 I have examined the Trailer and confirm that it is in good condition and
free from damage.
I agree to return it to you in the same condition.
2.2 If the Trailer receives any damage whilst on hire I will refund the cost
of repair and authorise
you to retain and then set the Deposit against the cost of repair.
2.3 To pay the Hire Charges in full at the end of the Hire Period.
2.4 To return the Trailer to you not later than 5.30pm on the last day of
2.5 If the Trailer is returned later than 5.30pm on the last day of hire I will
pay a further one days
Hire Charge for each period of 24 hours or part thereof until the
Trailer is returned.
2.6 To keep the Trailer at the address stated on the Hire Agreement form
or other address with strict agreement from Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire
(to be stated on the Hire Agreement).
2.7 To permit you at all reasonable times to enter my property for the
purpose of inspecting the Trailer.
2.8 Not to allow the Trailer to be used by any other person or to leave my
possession or to become subject to any third party claim.
3. I will not use the Trailer
3.1 For the carriage of passengers or any unlawful purpose
3.2 To carry more load than recommended by the manufacturers
3.3 Outside the United Kingdom
3.4 To keep the Trailer in good repair and insured to its full value
(including third party liability).
3.5 Upon cancellation of the Hire to return the Trailer to you immediately.
4. Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire may cancel the Hire
4.1 Upon giving 24 hours written notice at any time
4.2 If in its opinion the Hirer is in breach of his obligation as set out in section
4.3 If the Hirer becomes bankrupt
5. All stock kept in the Trailer is the responsibility of the Hirer and should be covered by
their own insurance policy.
Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire will not accept responsibility for stock loss of any kind, ie theft,
fridge breakdown or electric failure etc.
6. Shelving shall not be removed from trailer, a £35.00 fee will be charged to
refit shelving.
7. Site will have assess of 2.4 meters (7ft 6inch) and no overhanging trees.
8. Power to be available for engineer to set required temperature, check operation of
refrigeration unit and lights. If engineer has to
return to site, hirer will be charged £1.00 per mile from NG17 5DS x 2, and
£35.00 per hour.
9. Time spent on site delivering and collecting is 30 minutes, any delays will be charged
at £35.00 per hour or part hour.
10. By hiring a trailer from Phoenix Portable Coldstore Hire, even with out a booking form, you agree
Our Terms & Conditions.
11. Customers must comply with current trailer licensing laws and use a legal number plate. 

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